Orbital Elements (TLEs)

This page contains the archive of CloudSat two-line elements (TLEs) that can be used to determine the satellite's orbit. Satellite tracking software that uses the TLEs can be found by doing an internet search. The CloudSat DPC does not endorse any particular display program. However, we do use "WxTrack" to display the CloudSat orbit in the Data Processing Center and have found it to be extremely useful.

LSET naming convention update: As of 1 January 2010, the year consists of 2 digits. For filenames before 1 January 2010 the first digit indicates the year, otherwise the first two digits indicate the year. For all dates, the next three digits indicate the Julian day number.

Note: TLE's are updated at approximately 16:00 UTC daily. TLE accurracy may be compromised when the spacecraft performs orbit-adjustment burns.