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CloudSat is a satellite mission designed to measure the vertical structure of clouds from space. The radar data produces detailed images of cloud structures which will contribute to a better understanding of clouds and climate. Please peruse this website to find out more about the CloudSat mission and the Data Processing Center.

Visit the main CloudSat project website at Colorado State University.

Reaction Wheel Anomaly - No New Data Available

August 27, 2020
CloudSat suffered a failure of one of its three remaining reaction wheels on August 27th, 2020 which automatically put the spacecraft into standby mode. Radar data collection has ceased until the team determines if operations can continue with two wheels.
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Release of R05 P1 Products (through 31 Oct 2018)

March 19, 2019

CloudSat version R05 products have now been approved for release, following a review, and update, of the calibration changes during the orbit lower campaign after leaving the A-train in 2018.   The following radar-only CloudSat products have been released through 31 Oct 2018:

  • 1B-CPR.P_R05
  • 2B-GEOPROF.P1_R05
  • 2B-CLDCLASS.P1_R05
  • 2B-CWC-RO.P1_R05
  • MOD06-1KM-AUX.P1_R05
  • MOD06-5KM-AUX.P1_R05 

The following radar-lidar release candidates that have been produced through the same date, but not available pending final review and updates to documentation:

  • 2B-GEOPROF-LIDAR.P1rc1_R05
  • LIDAR-AUX.P1_R05
  • 2C-ICE.P1rc1_R05

2B-CWC-RVOD.P1rc1_R05 will begin production by April 2019

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CloudSat exits the A-Train

February 22, 2018
After almost 12 years of flying in formation with its A-Train partners, CloudSat safely exited the constellation on February 22nd, 2018 to begin a solo career. The current status of the reaction wheels is being analyzed by JPL and Ball Aerospace and a plan to return to Daylight-Only Operations (DO-Op) is being formulated.
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CloudSat momentum wheel anomaly and status

January 24, 2018
CloudSat is currently in standby mode due to a spacecraft momentum wheel anomaly. Due to safety concerns, the CloudSat spacecraft will be executing a maneuver to lower it’s orbit and leave the A-Train. If that maneuver is successful, CloudSat should return to daytime-only operation sometime in the mid-February timeframe. Co-located CloudSat and CALIPSO data products will only be available after the orbit change, and co-located MODIS-AUX products will only be available during the period where CloudSat flies under the MODIS data swath. ECMWF-AUX products will continue to be produced along with radar-only standard CloudSat products.
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CloudSat Reaction Wheel Anomaly

July 10, 2017
The CloudSat spacecraft entered standby mode on June 4th, 2017 after experiencing a problem with one of its four reaction wheels. Tests are underway to determine how to solve the problem and resume operations.
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