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Direct FTP Access

In addition to obtaining CloudSat data products from the Data Ordering page, you can also access them directly on our FTP server at ftp.cloudsat.cira.colostate.edu.  Use your website credentials to log in.  If you don't already have an account, create one.
Data files on the FTP server are organized in the following structure:
Product.version (e.g., 2B-FLXHR.P2_R04)
Year (e.g., 2008)
Day of year (e.g., 007)
You can automate data retrieval by using a script.  If you don't have one you can find a Perl script on our Software Tools page under the Resources tab above.

Order Data FAQs

Q: Why do I get "permission denied" when trying to access my completed order via a web broswer?
A: Some users have reported this issue when using the Safari browser. Try using Chrome or Firefox instead. They will prompt your for your username and password. 
Q: I am getting a "421 Error" when I connect to the FTP server. What can I do to solve this problem?
A: You will need to set your FTP connection to passive. We are running new software, which is causing the need to use passive. On some devices this just involves running the "epsv" command after logging in, before listing or retrieving files.  It is definitely a hassle, but the new FTP server hasn't been down (*knock on wood*).