CloudSat exits the A-Train

After almost 12 years of flying in formation with its A-Train partners, CloudSat safely exited the constellation on February 22nd, 2018 to begin a solo career. The current status of the reaction wheels is being analyzed by JPL and Ball Aerospace and a plan to return to Daylight-Only Operations (DO-Op) is being formulated.

CloudSat momentum wheel anomaly and status

CloudSat is currently in standby mode due to a spacecraft momentum wheel anomaly. Due to safety concerns, the CloudSat spacecraft will be executing a maneuver to lower it’s orbit and leave the A-Train. If that maneuver is successful, CloudSat should return to daytime-only operation sometime in the mid-February timeframe. Co-located CloudSat and CALIPSO data products will only be available after the orbit change, and co-located MODIS-AUX products will only be available during the period where CloudSat flies under the MODIS data swath.