CloudSat Product Stats - Algorithm Developer Edition

The ECMWF-AUX data set is an intermediate product that contains the set of ancillary ECMWF state variable data interpolated to each CloudSat cloud profiling radar (CPR) bin. These data are required for input to the 2B-GEOPROF, 2B-CLDCLASS, 2B-TAU, and 2B-FLXHR algorithms. The ECMWF -AUX product is created by the Generic-AUX Interpolate-to-Reference algorithm. The input data is obtained from the AN-ECMWF dataset provided by the European Center for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts.

Changes/Updates in Algorithm Version P_R05 *

  • The source code was re-written in Python for improved accessibility and flexibility.
  • The calculation of the ECMWF pressure profile was corrected which will affect the vertical profile of every variable when compared to P_R04.
  • Additional AN-ECMWF data fields were added to the ECMWF-AUX product, including:
    • U and V wind components
    • Sea surface temperature
    • 10 meter U and V wind components
* See Section 3.2 and Section 4 in the ECMWF-AUX P_R05 Process Description and Interface Control Document (PDICD) for more details.