CloudSat Product Stats - Algorithm Developer Edition
Cirrus Occurrence JJA 2009

Data Access The data files are not accessible via the online data ordering page. You can access these products via the public FTP server at ftp://ftp.cloudsat.cira.colostate.edu under the 3F-RMCP.R05_V0002 and 3S-RMCP.R05_V0002 directories. Use your credentials for this website to log in.

The Level 3 products contain histograms of variables related to radar reflectivity, cloud mask, cloud classification, and precipitation, on fixed grids of 5x5 degrees and 10x10 degrees, at the full 240 m vertical resolution of the radar. Products are available on monthly, three-monthly, and annual timescales. There are two types of products users can choose from. Level 3F (Full) RMCP products contain the above histograms but little additional processing, and can be considered "expert-level" products. Level 3S (Simplified) RMCP products feature additional processing and contain representations of quantities like cloud fraction on levels and in columns, and occurrence fractions of clouds of differing types, as well as precipitation.

Version R05_V0002 adds 2.5x2.5 degree products and allows users to distinguish pre and post DO-Op (Daylight Only Operations) data by indicating whether a profile from the pre DO-Op period would have been observed if it had been collected in the post DO-Op period. This will reduce biases when comparing gridded data from early in the mission with data from later in the mission.