CloudSat Product Stats - Algorithm Developer Edition
Product Availability: Available for September 2007 through June 2010.

This product contains CloudSat CPR and TRMM PR data subset around ground track intersections that occur within a defined time limit.

Process Description and Interface Control Document (PDICD)

File Name Last Modified
2D-CLOUDSAT-TRMM P_R04 PDICD (505.39 KB) May 21, 2008

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2D-CLOUDSAT-TRMM data available via direct FTP

October 28, 2008

You can now access 2D-CLOUDSAT-TRMM data via direct FTP access at ftp1.cloudsat.cira.colostate.edu. FTP access is enabled within five minutes of registering for a new account, or for accounts set up before 29 Oct 2008, within five minutes of your first login after this date. Data are stored in directories by product name, year, and day number. A perl script that will retrieve data in the directory tree given a range of dates is available from the resources page.