CloudSat Product Stats - Algorithm Developer Edition
The 2B GEOPROF R04 product identifies those levels in the vertical column sampled by CloudSat that contain significant radar echo from hydrometeors (rather than noise or radar clutter) and provides an estimate of the radar reflectivity factor for each of these volumes. Also included in the GEOPROF product is an estimate of the expected gaseous absorption loss for the observed reflectivity (which depends on water vapor fields from ECMWF), the MODIS cloud fraction (from MOD35) associated with the radar surface foot print, and several other flags the indicates the homogeneity of the MODIS data, and quality of the CloudSat data. Details on the GEOPROF algorithms and structure of the HDF-EOS output files can be found in Marchand et al. (2008) and the Level 2 GEOPROF Product Process Description and Interface Control Document.

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