CloudSat Product Stats - Algorithm Developer Edition
Product Availability: Full mission availability except for anomalies and maneuver data gaps.
The CloudSat Radar-Only Cloud Water Content Product (2B-CWC-RO) contains retrieved estimates of cloud liquid and ice water content, effective radius, and related quantities for each radar profile measured by the Cloud Profiling Radar on CloudSat. Retrievals are performed separately for the liquid and ice phases; the two sets of results are then combined in a simple way to obtain a composite profile that is consistent with the input measurements.

Primary Publication

Process Description and Interface Control Document (PDICD)

File Name Last Modified
2B-CWC-RO P1_R05 PDICD rev0 (519.82 KB) May 11, 2018

Algorithm Specifications

No Algorithm Specifications (AIMS) results found. Please reference the Process Description and Interface Control Document (PDICD).