CloudSat Product Stats - Algorithm Developer Edition
2B-CLDCLASS-lidar combines CloudSat CPR and CALIPSO lidar measurements to classify clouds into stratus (St), stratus (Sc), cumulus (Cu, including cumulus congestus), nimbostratus (Ns), altocumulus (Ac), altostratus (As), deep convective (cumulonimbus), or high (cirrus and cirrostratus) clouds. Compared with the 2B-CLDCLASS product, 2B-CLDCLASS-lidar takes advantages of more complete cloud vertical structure from lidar and radar measurements, which not only improve overall cloud detection but also provide more reliable information for cloud type characterization.  Because CPR is more sensitive to ice particles in mixed-phase clouds while lidar measurements are more sensitive to liquid droplets in mixed-phase clouds, combined CPR and CALIPSO lidar measurements offer more reliable cloud phase determination.  2B-CLDCLASS-lidar determines cloud phase for each cloud layer, which is used as an important input to improve cloud type classification.

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