AIMS variable long name: 
RVOD Status flag
AIMS variable type: 
AIMS variable dimensions: 
AIMS variable range: 
1 to 6
AIMS variable factor: 
AIMS variable offset: 
AIMS variable category: 
AIMS Data Product tag: 
AIMS variable description: 

The scene status flag is a 16-bit flag with values indicating whether or not the external products are used in any given pixel. The flag will indicate whether the pixel was observed during the day or at night, cloud and aerosol detected by CALIPSO are flagged,
along with information on the use of AMSR-E and precipitation from 2C-PRECIP-COLUMN. For 2B-FLXHR there
are components of the status flag that will always be turned on, such as: Missing 2B-Tau, missing CALIOP.