AIMS variable long name: 
Combined Radar/VOD Status
AIMS variable type: 
AIMS variable dimensions: 
AIMS variable units: 
AIMS variable range: 
-32768 to 32767
AIMS variable factor: 
AIMS variable offset: 
AIMS variable category: 
AIMS Data Product tag: 
AIMS variable description: 

A two-byte (16-bit) status flag. Various bits indicate errors, convergence, and related information about the combined retrieval. Non-zero values of bits 0, 1, 4, 5, or 6 indicate a partially or wholly aborted retrieval.

0 (LSB): LWC retrieval failed
1: IWC retrieval failed
2: Possible precipitation (Z > -15 dBZe)
3: Combined LWC/IWC (both cloud types present in profile)
4: Bad GEOPROF input
5: Bad CLDCLASS input
6: Bad ECMWF temperature
7: Bad TAU input
8: Large chi^2 in LWC
9: Large chi^2 in IWC
10: Clear profile according to GEOPROF
11: Clear profile according to MODIS
12: Night side of orbit
13: Unassigned
14: Unassigned
15 (MSB): Unassigned

Data Product Version Tag: