R04 Released to General Science Community

Release 4 of 1B-CPR, 2B-GEOPROF, and 2B-GEOPROF-LIDAR is now available to the General Science Community via the data ordering system. This release incorporates several improvements for the data products primarily driven by the development of a surface clutter reduction scheme in 1B-CPR. This affects all products by improving cloud detection near the Earth's surface. In addition, the profile overlap at the beginning and end of each granule has been removed. Granules now start with the first profile on or after the equator on a descending pass and end with the last profile before the equator on the next descending pass. Release 4 also includes the first release of the 2B-GEOPROF-LIDAR product.
This annoucement to the General Science Community applies to the 1B-CPR, 2B-GEOPROF, and 2B-GEOPROF-LIDAR products only. The new release of MODIS-AUX, ECMWF-AUX, and 2B-CLDCLASS is still only available to the CloudSat Science Team.
All data users are asked to review the known issues page, on-line product specifications, and the summary of changes. If you have any questions concerning the ordering process, contact the DPC.
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Friday, August 10, 2007
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