N_cloudy_bins (2B-CWC-RVOD)

AIMS variable long name: 
Number of Cloudy Bins
AIMS variable type: 
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AIMS variable missing: 
AIMS variable miss op: 
AIMS variable factor: 
AIMS variable offset: 
AIMS variable category: 
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AIMS variable description: 

Number of bins (p) in the column deemed to contain cloud by 2B-GEOPROF (usually far less than 125). (Bins are deemed cloudy if CPR_Cloud_Mask >= 30.) The state vector will have 3*p elements; the measurements vector will have p+1 elements.

Fill values:
0: Clear column (2B-GEOPROF)
-66: Optical depth zero, diverged, bad, or missing (2B-TAU)
-77: Unphysical, bad, or missing reflectivity factor Z\' (2B-GEOPROF)
-88: Cloud scenario not determined, invalid class, or class bad/missing (2B-CLDCLASS)

Data Product Version Tag: