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Ice-only Radar/VOD Effective Radius Uncertainty
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Fractional uncertainty in the RVOD retrieved r_e, expressed in percent and rounded to the nearest integer. (This IO retrieval assumes the entire column is ice-only.) A value of 250 indicates an uncertainty >= 250%.

Fill values:
0: Clear column (2B-GEOPROF)
253: Solution negative (2B-IWC-RVOD)
253: Solution diverged (2B-IWC-RVOD)
252: Optical depth zero, diverged, bad, or missing (2B-TAU)
253: Unphysical, bad, or missing reflectivity factor Z\' (2B-GEOPROF)
254: Cloud scenario not determined, invalid class, or class bad/missing (2B-CLDCLASS)

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